Ghosts of Signal Mountain?

Published October 19, 2010 by missharleyquinn

As readers of this blog can attest to, I love ghosts!  Whether it’s stories and legends, history or actual ghost hunting you can always count me in.  In the past 3 months that I’ve lived in Signal Mountain,Tennessee I’ve heard nary a tale about the area and that has me disappointed…to say the least.  But, there are a few leads:


~  The old middle school may or may not be haunted according to a man who is in managing the change from place of learning to the Signal Mountain Fitness Club.  He’s told me about strange noises and things being thrown about during the renovations, but there’s no behind story, i.e. a spirit that is supposedly residing in the school or has always hung about there.

~   There is a restaurant on Taft Highway that is closed now, but long ago was possibly a hospital and is also reported to be haunted.  By what or who, no one knows.  There really isn’t even a story as to experiences people have had, just it’s haunted.

If anyone knows of a haunted place, a ghostly tale, or even something just a bit creepy in the Signal Mountain area…please let me know!


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