Alberta Beasley’s Decadent Pecan Pie

Published January 8, 2011 by missharleyquinn

My daughter is a pie person, her favorite pie these days is pecan pie.  Maybe it’s because we’ve recently moved to the south, maybe it’s genetic as her Great Nana and Great Uncle Bob loved it, or maybe she just decided it was high time to make a committment to a particular pie.  What I do know is that after buying a few pies from the grocery store I was itching to make one myself.  I’m a firm believer that in most cases, home made is better than store bought. FYI this is not true of peep toed pumps and latex corsets.

Miss Patty Pinner has never steered me wrong.  It’s an absolute fact I would walk miles upon miles for a taste of Miss Norma’s Brown Sugar Pie, so I had complete faith that her pecan pie recipe would be the best of the best.  My faith was not mis-placed, the pie turned out just as I had hoped.

And with quotes like this, even if you hate pies and/or baking its a great read.

“Mama used to say, Sometimes you have to show another side.  I didn’t know what Miss Norma was doing in her bedroom, but I did know that she was a nice lady in the living room…”


One comment on “Alberta Beasley’s Decadent Pecan Pie

  • When I have a cold, the first thing I crave is sweets. Of course I opened this page and now I’m absolutely drooling.

    If I were near by, I’d rush over a medicinal slice to help with cravings and stirrings of a cold. 🙂

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