Kitchen Re-Vamp

Published January 9, 2011 by missharleyquinn

This is my incredibly beige and out-dated kitchen .  The first step in the re-do was accomplished this am – the removal of a cabinet and wall shelf.  The large white rectangle is where the cabinet was, the rest of the wall was covered by a thin shelf that served no other purpose but to mock good taste.

My hope for this kitchen isn’t a complete renovation, because Mama Quinn doesn’t have that kind of cabbage lying about.  Seriously though, I want to make the most of what is already present in the room and not add to the scrap heaps of the planet.  I’ll be keeping the cabinetry; I rather ike the clean lines and it makes me think of Sweden in the 70’s (I’m not sure why and have no real personal reference for that, just where my thoughts go when I see the cabinets).  I will be refinishing the wood toppers on them though.


Because I live in a very small house (under 1400 square feet) I have no work area for myself.  At the moment my art supplies are in the bathroom cabinets and laundry cabinets, my printer in the WOW chamber,  and my computer on an end table in the living room.  In the above area, to the right of the image is where my work station will be set up.

This week I’ll be:

– sanding wall paper seams*

– caulking back splash

– puddy-ing holes

– removing fruity border

– prepping walls for priming

– removing all unnecessary furniture from room

*After much research and given the fact the wallpaper in the kitchen is basically sealed to the walls with no hope of removal, I’ll be priming with an oil based primer.


One comment on “Kitchen Re-Vamp

  • So what will the oil based primer do?
    I was pleased to read the “fruity border” was on it’s way out .~LOL~
    something about borders can make a room feel smashed? does that make sense?
    Loved the cookbook shelf at the end of the bar. Wish i had room for one of those…
    Looks like loads of work, can’t wait to see the after pictures…

    The oil based primer prepares the wall paper surface for painting, as latex will peel or scratch off from the smooth wall paper surface…or so the sites and articles I found. We’ll see how it all turns out. 🙂
    I like borders, but not all and definitely not the fruit…Yikes!

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