Charmed I’m Sure

Published January 10, 2011 by missharleyquinn

From my favorite character Isola, “reading a good book ruins you for enjoying the bad ones” and no truer words were ever uttered.  How will I ever get through Faulkner now, with his drudge and gloom when I recall such perfect snippets as this?

“What a blight that woman is.  Do you happen to know why?  I lean toward a malignant fairy at her christening.”


“…it had that beautiful light children have before the Age of Reason gets at them.”


“Will Thisbee gave me The Beginner’s Guide Cook-Book for Girl Guides.  It was just the thing; the writer assumes you know nothing about cookery and writes useful hints – When adding eggs, break the shells first.”


One comment on “Charmed I’m Sure

  • I read this book at the recommendation of Chantal, and Loved it! I have passed it on to many a happy fellow reader~!

    If I could, I would eat this book! *lol*

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