In the Eye of the beholder

Published January 11, 2011 by missharleyquinn

I grew up in my Nana’s home in Maryland; a huge house full of oddly placed religous items and icons.  Outside of my room was a beautiful ivory Madonna, in fact she was the first thing I saw when I left my room each morning.  In the dining room hung a portrait of Blessed John XXIII (1958-63).  I was always confused when people said no one knew what God looked like, because I believed the portrait of the Pope was actually a painting of God.  I was of course very kind to those people who had never seen God and would invite them to our house to view the painting.  It seemed terribly wrong that only my family and our friends knew what He looked like; of course I could share His image.

As time wore on I realized my mistake and pondered  often what God did or might look like.  There are times I think He/She takes on whatever guise is most fitting for the visit or job at hand.   But when I meditate on the Divine, when I pray, when I dream of the Divine I see someone who looks very much like Michael Clarke Duncan.

One of the books that introduced me to modern Paganism/Wicca is Starhawk’s Spiral Dance.  There is a meditation in there that involves a Place of Power, a place of your creation where you are able to grow and learn spiritually.  It’s a big part of my meditation practice and where I find contact with the Divine and spiritual teachers.  When I’m visited by the Divine, it is in the guise of a man resembling Mr. Duncan; sometimes he wears a smile so wide and warm it could melt an iceberg.  Other times he is stern and serious, his eyes smoldering while he schools Himself to be patient.  His mode of dress changes often, maybe because I myself am a clothes horse and feel He should be too.  🙂  Sometimes He resembles a Jedi in elegant robes and linen tunic, than sometimes he’s in a woolen cloak and heavy boots.  I don’t think He’s ever appeared in jeans and plaid, but who really knows.

On a somewhat related note, Saint Sophia shows up periodically to tell me I talk too much and need to listen more.  Listen for the voice of God, listen to the sounds of Mother Nature, and frankly even without all that religious listening I just need to shut my mouth every so often! She has even threatened in a grandmotherly tone that if I don’t mend my ways she’s going to sew my mouth shut.  I’ve come to view her as a spiritual guide not to be trifled with  or argued with, I tend to nod a lot in her company.  I alsohave no idea why St. Sophia looks like Andrea Martin so much, but there it is!


One comment on “In the Eye of the beholder

  • ~smile~
    I thought having conversations with Angels on my rooftop was one of those things.
    my angels tend to look like Tilda Swinton..

    Oh, what do your angels wear? She has such a fashion history that bowls me over, I can only imagine your angels do too!

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