Delicate Sensibilities

Published January 16, 2011 by missharleyquinn

I usually am not a serious movie kind of gal.  I prefer light hearted comedies, romance, and animation; all three in one place makes me a very happy camper.  I know this throws me into many categories, probably none very flattering and I am A-okay with that.  Oh, certainly I love the good drama every now and then, “Dangerous Liasons”,  “Gone With the Wind”, “Gettysburg”, and the like…but give me “ThePrincess and the Frog” any day of the week; I laugh, my heart smiles, and I cry tears of sweet joy at the happy endings.

Yesterday my friend Angela and I went to see Black Swan.  It started out as a lovely day.  The sun was out, a fair miracle since the week has been grey and dreary.  We visited her mother’s amazing apartment downtown with a view of the river that took my breath away, then it was off for lunch at Tony’s.  After an absoultely delicious lunch and wonderful conversation, we made our way to the theater to see “Black Swan”.

The movie was so daunting and frightening and chaotic to my senses I felt like an 18th century Amish person watching “Terminator”( a film I might add I’ve never watched) for the first time.  I was shaken by the film, the graphic toe/finger skin/nail file scenes to the point I actually became queasy and even left to get sick in the lady’s room at one point.  My poor dear film companion, Angela, was forced to take care fo me, which she did in perfect Southern gentile  fashion; stopping twice up the mountain for me to take deep breaths of the cold air, buying me stomache medicine, and trying to talk me through it all while I turned various shades of green.   I fear I wasn’t a very good date. I’m not certain I’ll ever be able to forget parts of the film and am supremely thankful I didn’t have nightmares last eve.


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