On Account of Faith

Published January 17, 2011 by missharleyquinn

In a recent email, a friend of mine mentioned that she was adopting a word for the year; a word…a feeling… a resolution to embrace the very heart and soul of that term…her choice, ‘Joy’.

I’ve been giving the idea a great deal of thought, wondering what might my word for the year be.  I’ve finally settled on ‘Faith’.

Faith = the act of believing in or accepting something intangible or unprovable, or without empirical evidence.

I tend to question, half deny,  and out right squash that which is not easily proven with fact and logic…a crafty Spock who strangely enough sucks at math and science…go figure!  In the last few weeks I’ve really been working on this, trusting in the powers that be, believing that there is a purpose for me in the midst of tangled skeins and strings of certainty…trusting that some shadows aren’t made by tree branches and moon light…that not all dreams are due to over consumption of brownies and caffeine…that the Gods are with us and whisper their wisdom to us…that some flowers really are the Wee Folk …and that I am more than I imagined…


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