Odds and Evens…or maybe, just little things I’m up to

Published February 6, 2011 by missharleyquinn

I’ve been participating in Weight Watchers for almost 2 months and love it.  Initially I joined to help gain some control in the eating department; my marriage has been hitting snag after snag and I was attempting to eat my way through the rough patch. I kept telling myself that I’d eat better the next day, but I’d have one last hoorah.  Let’s just say I had many hoorahs and until I joined Weight Watchers, not very many control days.  I really like the system, not only does it help me control my urge to partake of all things deep fried but I’ve lost almost 12 pounds!  I’m officially a size 6!  I even had to buy a new bra today.  What I’m most happy about though, is that I’m making much healthier choices about what I eat and how much.   I’ve actually fallen rather hard for clementines and roasted cauliflower!

I’m reading a book about Ronald Reagan this week.  It’s by a man named Dinesh and from what I can gather everyone thought Reagan was a complete idiot but he was an idiot with many visions.  Stranger still, the author is a fan of President Reagan and also seems to think he was slow but lofty.  Now, I’m not done with the book so maybe Dinesh decides Reagan is more than just a pretty face, time will tell.  I also have decided that Sarah Palin is no Ronald Reagan.  She’s like  a card board cut out of Ronald Reagan without the substance and personality.  She doesn’t do him justice.

This is Num-Nubs in his natural and wild environment.

I’ve been working on hamsterbeans this week, a quick and vastly amusing project.




3 comments on “Odds and Evens…or maybe, just little things I’m up to

  • Ronald Reagan….
    Not much good pops into my mind when I think of that man.

    Don’t think I would pick up a book about him, but was good to read your thoughts on the book.
    I got a pattern on crochet moccasins from my stitch and bitch.
    wish me luck!
    Your Num-nubs look far more enchanting and far less daunting!
    like a little cat toy!

    With all the hoopla over his 100th birthday I thought it wise to study up on President Reagan. I was quite young when he was president and frankly don’t know enough on his policies, so far I think they suck. 😉

  • The wife has lost her mind & has us on a much healthier food regime. If one sautes cale it actually tastes pretty good and doesn’t make you want to die. As much.

    The only thing I liked about Reagan was his willingness to compromise from time to time, indicating a (diminishimg) capacity for reason. Sarah Palin cannot. Though I am surprised by your praise of her. As we speak paperboard cut outs all over the world are considering a lawsuit against you for slander. Nice job.

    I’m going out on a limb and trusting you on the kale thing, because the kale I’ve tasted is one step above toe fungus. As to the insult against paperboard cut outs, I fear you’re correct. I offered far too much praise upon Mrs. Todd Palin. I shall place her 3 steps below kale, which leaves her in a strata of icki-ness not known before.

  • I’ve just heard from the law firm of Dewey Cheetham and Howe. The plant life known as kale are joining the paperboard cut outs in a class action lawsuit against you. The first vegetable versus meat based lifeform lawsuit ever.

    I think it’s fair to say you’d better not say she’s as dumb as a rock next. No matter how true it is.

    Oi! I’m screwed…there is nothing to compare w/Mrs. palin that won’t get me in trouble. Yet, I don’t to say she is incomparable or unforgettable, nothing about her deserves Nat King Cole’s voice like words.

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