Tried and True

Published March 21, 2011 by missharleyquinn

I don’t collect many things, but what I do love beyond all reason are old recipes.  I fairly swoon over handwritten recipe cards and the very well loved variety.  I especially enjoy when I’m able to procure a full recipe box or binder.  It’s amazing the details you can gather, the hopes and dreams you can find tucked between pickles and J-ello salads.  In all those instructions and measurements are the story of a person and in some cases the world.  One of my favorite is for meatloaf, the recipe penned during WWII.  When the ingredient list arrives at ‘cheese’ it’s exressed thusly, “Use as much as your rations allow.”  One sentence that speaks of a thousand acts of sacrifice and bravery.


One comment on “Tried and True

  • I have a book that my aunt gave me when we were visiting in 2005. It is a hand written collection of my Grandmothers favorite recipes. ( all of them written in Yiddish) On that same trip I picked up a book called ” in Memories kitchen.” if you can find it, it may resonate with you in much the same way..
    happy cooking…

    Do you speak/read Yiddish? Have you tried the recipes?

    I found the Memories Kitchen book and it is tucked in my Amazon wish list for a day with $. 🙂 Thank you for telling me about it. Every recipe is a little peek into someone’s life…culinary voyeurism… 😉

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