What A Week…

Published May 7, 2011 by missharleyquinn

Kate, grateful for time in the great outdoors.

I’ve been playing catch up this past week and believe I may be turning the corner or at the very least a corner leading to a place less disorganized!  Luckily the storms that ravaged the south only stopped for a short, uneventful visit in my neck of the woods.  Power loss was all we had to deal with and for that I’m deeply grateful.  So, this is what I’ve been up to:

~ putting together an emergency kit for possible power outages in the future.  I’ve picked a few of those flashlights that only require shaking to work.  And a hand crank weather/emergency radio.  I’ve been using this site as a guideline:

Be Red Cross Ready!

(My husband, also deeply concerned about the recent inconviences purchased a  iPad 64GB with 3G so as not to miss a moment of online fun with his World of Warcraft friends)

~ With all the extra time on my hands during the power outage I learned how to knit a basic cable stitch  and made a pair of hand warmers from a pattern called ‘Fetching’.

~ I completed reading “East to the Dawn”, a biography about Amelia Earhart and was left wanting more; more details, more information, more time spent in the company of such a invigorating individual.  What an amazing woman, what a life lead well and wide.

~ I also have been doing entirely too much laundry, who knew how much would accumulate after just a few days without the “luxury” of throwing a load into the washing machine!


2 comments on “What A Week…

  • it’s a good thing your both so prepared.
    You do know that your husbands foresight will keep him in his bubble and out of yours..

    I think I like the idea of personal bubbles more than personal space…*l* You always come up with the best things!

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