Trapeze Sundress

Published May 24, 2011 by missharleyquinn

I am a complete sucker for terms like ‘flattering dress’, ‘elongate legs’, and ‘perfect for a picnic’.  Which explains the madness behind my attempt to make Heather Ross’ ‘Trapeze Dress’ from her wonderful book Weekend Sewing.  I love how women look in flowing, cotton dresses.  That sort that billow about.   Like this one, all coy and sweet.

What I forgot was what sort of figure I have!  I am neither willowy or tall.  In fact, my measurements are almost exactly that of Marilyn Monroe, I’m an inch smaller in the hips and an inch wider in the waist.

Needless to say, a billowing sundress isn’t friendly on curves. Disclaimer: I may have the measurements of Marilyn Monroe but I  have the features of Bilbo’s a challenging look to say the least. So, I pretty much looked like a hobbit stuffed in a pretty patterned garbage bag when I modeled my completed Trapeze Sundress.

Sometimes I feel like I sew for tall, skinny strangers.


One comment on “Trapeze Sundress

  • OMG!
    I am so with you here!
    Can’t tell you how many things I have sewn, because Dang if the pattern didn’t look darling..
    I throw it on and everything gets to my chest and goes Way WIIIIIIIIDE, and I look like I am a pregnant grandma.
    it’s why I make cloths for my daughter, or blankies…

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