Take My Hand…

Published June 2, 2011 by missharleyquinn

Over the last week I ‘ve made 2 sets of these delicate and beautiful wristlets; one for my favorite Tarot card reader/spiritual adviser and one set for my daughter.  I’m hoping there’s enough yarn for one more set, as I have the most perfect pirate buttons that I’d love to add to a set.

The yarn I used is Araucania Rucs 113, which is 100% sugar cane! I’ve been a little obsessed with unusual fibers as of late, last month was the month I was bowled over by corn yarn.

The ‘Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers’ pattern knits up swiftly and smoothly, instant gratification.  Which isn’t always easy to find in the realm of fiber arts.  If you care to try your hand at this wonderful pattern, please visit the artisan’s site:

Creativeyarn; Zen and The Art of Handicraft


2 comments on “Take My Hand…

  • These are gorgeous!

    I find myself amazed by the variety of fibers–both naturally occurring and lab-created–that have become available both as yarn and for spinning into yarn in the past few years. I was to try milk protein yarn, and bison, and this sugar cane one, and…and…

    • Thank you muchly kind lady. 🙂 I too am amazed by the oodles of fibers available. Apparently I have a weakness for such things as I keep buying them! 🙂 I also spin (a little) but the strangest thing I’ve spun is dog fur. Thanks for stopping by, your blog has been a wonderful find for me…thank you for all you do and share there. 🙂

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