There’s No PLace Like Home

Published June 9, 2011 by missharleyquinn

I dream of a house.

No.  I long for a house. A very particular house.

A house I’ve never seen, the rooms I wouldn’t even know. Except by a feeling, by heart.

I haven’t been there in such a very long time.

Things are fuzzy in the detail department.

But, I like to think if I found my way there, I would get a sense I was where I had once been.  There would be a sort of recognition. Perhaps the way it is with old friends too long a part.

When I come across a phrase like, ” polished brass plates above the horses stall’ I’m instantly back there, just in snippets though-

tall grass that crackles in the breeze, the scent of salt and the unknown in the air…

a winding path with pebbles at the edge

The first or root chakra is all about stability and safety.  It’s about fitting neatly in this material and most present realm.  I’m rather under active in this area.  There are days I feel I should apologize for taking up the small space that I do.

This must change.  I must accept that I am here. And here for a reason.  I must allow myself to heal.

I was and am intended.

In another time and place, on a different merry go round than this, a noble house anchored me to this realm. This time all I’ve got to hold onto is myself.  And thats just going to have to do.

~If anyone has any ideas or advice about chakras, let me know!  Thanks.

*In a recent meditation I was told to ponder the very concept that ‘I am enough’.  Ponder it I shall.  🙂


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