Just a Squeeze of Dark Lime

Published July 2, 2011 by missharleyquinn

This table has a history (I like to think before it found its way to my home, it had a sordid history…think Belle Whatley, but who can say); it was given to a friend of mine in Oklahoma and she housed it in her garage until gifting it to me.  It’s been an entertainment center, a sewing table and regular ol’table…it’s been naturally wooden’ish, it’s been white, it’s been black…it’s not super well made, but has character galore and now it’s also a funky shade of green.  Between painting trim in the house, training for the new job,and Beauty and the Beast rehearsals, this has been a mini-project over the last few days…and I love it!

Thankfully, Kate was willing to help in the placement of it in the bedroom and alerting me to a lost sock.


2 comments on “Just a Squeeze of Dark Lime

  • OH WOW!! I absolutely LOVE that table and I”m drooling over the color! It’s one of the colors that I’ve recently brought into my kitchen/sunroom area (along with buttercream and sort of a deep salmony-almost red).

    This table just gives off the best vibes!!!


    • Thank you so much sweet Grace for the kind words. 🙂 I’ve found myself liking the table more and more as the days pass, its just so happy and clean and fresh. I’d love to see pics of your kitchen, it sounds gorgeous. xoxo

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