Moving Right Along: Dining Room Re-Do

Published July 9, 2011 by missharleyquinn

What has this dining room taught me?  Don’t buy paint from Wal-Mart.  Ever.  Considering I had responsibly primed the walls I thought it might be nice to not spend $50.00 or so on a gallon of paint and purchased what seemed like a lovely shade of grey at the local Wally-World.  I think milk dyed with food coloring would have worked better; the paint was so thin a single coat barely made an impression.  On my ever lengthening road trip down the path of money saving delusions I thought I just needed to get a darker color.  Note to self and others, dark toned cheap paint coats no  better than light toned cheap paint. Better Homes & Garden has really fallen in the quality department.  So, after $30.00 dollars of crap paint I finally went to the local paint shop and purchased the good stuff, in a lovely shade called ‘Quiet Moments’ and am pleased as punch with the results.

The room still requires a bit more attention, but thankfully the big stuff is taken care of.  I’ve got a stack of silver plates I want to arrange on the wall above the marble topped side board and plants are a must addition.  There’s plenty of time for that though, I’m just happy the dread wall paper is now a memory.

Take a peek at far this room has gone in the last few weeks since the first post, :

1/2 Way There


2 comments on “Moving Right Along: Dining Room Re-Do

  • It’s looking lovely!
    Whats in the frames on the walls?
    I stopped shopping at wallmart ( or wallmafia as certain members of my family like to call it) after my sister in law bought tennis shoes there and her feet burst into blisters from the high levels of formaldhide that china puts in .
    we learn, slowly..

    • The pics are Matisse prints, ink sketches someone gave me because they thought they looked like me. Which was terribly sweet coz most days I think I kind of look like Sesame Street’s Grover. 🙂

      At times, Wal Mart is a necessary evil, which is apparently the key to their success. ~l~

      The room is evolving in a good way, thanks for the kind words. I wanted the walls to remind me of the line from Princess Bride, “eyes the color of the sea after a storm”.

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