For a Good Time

Published July 12, 2011 by missharleyquinn

There’s something about abandoned amusement parks that I find fascinating; perhaps its the rugged darkness of something made solely for amusement in decay or maybe the slightly chilling truth that mother earth always reclaims her own. Β I love the above video and how it shows Chippewa Lake Amusement Park in it’s heyday and it’s demise. Β I’m especially fond of the trees growing through many of the rides, as if nature will not be denied.

The images in this video are magnificent, the curve of the coaster tracks like a broken spine jutting from the ground, the black and white images of tea cups…*sigh* there’s a beauty in these, a strange and macbre quality that simply takes my breath away.


5 comments on “For a Good Time

  • Hey, Love your new look here πŸ™‚ Love your new dining room, too!

    I didn’t watch all of it (still at the office), but is this place haunted? I was thinking that Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew (LOVE that show) would have a blast at this site.

    It’s definitely creepy cool πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much for all the kind words, I’m rather fond of the new blog layout and the dining room too. πŸ™‚

      I’m not certain if the amusement park is haunted, but I agree it sure looks like it could or should be! I bet a person could get some amazing EVP from that place. I’ve gone on quite a few ghost hunts with a dear friend in Montana and I can tell you, I’d be itching to visit Chippewa Lake amusement park if I lived in the area.

      • Hummmm might be worth looking into. Wonder if the boys from Vegas would let me come along if they decided to check out the park?? LOL Wanna come?

        I’ve been a Ghost Hunter since the 70s!! Back then, we just had one of those old school instant polaroid cameras, but it did the trick! Actually got some good shots of the apparitions! My BFF at the time – we’d ditch school and go to the oldest cemetaries we could find! lol

        Would love to hear your ghost stories! (hint for future blog post. hehe) πŸ˜‰

      • I bet the Vegas boys would be thrilled to have you tag a long. πŸ™‚ And I for certain would LOVE to ghost hunt with you. Most of my hunts have been in Montana and Oklahoma. I’m excited about lving in TN because I finally get to visit the area where the Bell Witch ghost is supposed to be, but I’ve got a laundry list of places to go in this state! Strangely enough, the town I live in is basicallyd evoid of ghostly tales and such.

        Where did you go hunting for ghosties?

        I’ve got a few ghostly tales on the blog from a few years back. Just search on the blog for Fort Sill. πŸ™‚

  • oh wow!! I just read 5-6 posts that came up when I searched Ft. Sill.

    First of all, the letter to (then) Senator Barack Obama was very touching…and made me made as well, because as we all know, the man has become very Bush-esque in his approach to these wars. I once used to rant about GW being the worst president ever…he’s got stiff competition now, in my book! lol

    But your ghost stories are awesome!!! I especially liked the one about Abby opening bins, and about sweet Henry. It would be so interesting to find out who that Henry is.

    Did any of these folks follow you to your next home?

    Seems like only the malicious ones do..but I could be wrong…. My daughter had some guy she called “Bob” follow her around to at least 3 locations that I can remember. The only encounter I had with him was one night when she was hearing voices, and I went into her room, and it was ice cold in an abnormal way. At the time, it scared me but I stayed on the bed with her and commanded the spirit to leave. The room warmed up almost immediately…but she continued to have instances of doors opening on their own and such, long after we moved from there.

    THANKS for sharing !!!

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