A Bit of Peace

Published December 29, 2011 by missharleyquinn


Yesterday I had my first mammogram ever.  I’ll be the first to admit I don’t handle medical testing well, not well at all.  It bascially terrifies me.  I have anxiety issues, nerve issues, and tend to break down crying at some point.  I may even get sick.  These are not facts to be proud of, but facts they are.

As previously stated on this blog, I’m someone who is hyper aware of breast cancer (and oodles of other ailments as well).  If I were assigned a pink ribbon, mine would be day glo pink…the brightest and most annoying available.  To say I take this sort of thing in stride would be like saying rocks are good swimmers.

I was a wreck yesterday and by the time the actual appointment came I was barely keeping myself together.  Thank goodness for Judy and her kind heart. She showed me all the pics of my breasts, assured me that nothing screamed terrible frightening cancer and even made me laugh.  This of course was after I cried like an inconsoluble child and threw up…thankfully not on either of us…

I’ve spent the day terrified of the ringing phone, that message of doom…so at 3:10 when it rang and the words ‘Erlanger’ popped up on the screen I was ready to fall apart…it was Judy, she took time out of her busy day to let me know the test was totally normal. She just wanted me to have a peaceful weekend.  How wonderful is that???

Just 364’ish days until next year’s nervous breakdown…Yay…*sigh* I console myself with the fact that Helen Mirren is 66 years old, meaning she’s had roughly 26 mammograms and is basically sane.

*I thought I’d post a pic of boobs…happy, perky ones…with this post…hypocondriacs be warned…Do Not Google ‘breasts’ and hit image…nightmares will begin…


One comment on “A Bit of Peace

  • It is the devil in me that wants to go googling..
    but you know that don’t you…
    So glad that something in your life is “normal”

    Google away my dearheart, but you’ve been warned…it’s icky…I had no idea such things might happen to second base…Love you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for you and you-know-who’s help and love in all this non-normal. *hugs*

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