My Winged Helm, Mr. Puddentater

Published January 4, 2012 by missharleyquinn

I’m not a big ribbon wear-er, they’re like crack to my fears and my anquishes.  But this ribbon, this is one I think a lot of us wear on the inside…it’s about being aware that few of us get to wear the satin sash of Mr. or Miss Normal.  Some of us cut ourselves…some of us have days we can barely crawl off the couch and greet the new day and yes, some of us shake and cry and throw up…but we also do what we have to get by. Some days are easier than others, days like the one that The Bloggess posted this posting (what the heck do you call a posted posting, but a posted posting I suppose) this was a good day…a day where I think oodles of us heard ‘Flight of the Valkyries’ as the day’s theme song.


The Bloggess



One comment on “My Winged Helm, Mr. Puddentater

  • wondered if you were referring to Jenny Lawson.
    And Wagner is a perfect battle cry..
    I hum it some days when home school seems to last forever..

    There are some amazing and awesome women in the blog-o-sphere…Jenny Lawson…Sorrow…Janece… 🙂

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