And Then There Were Three

Published February 5, 2012 by missharleyquinn

It’s rather funny; throughout the last few years it never occurred to me that my soon to be was-band was as unhappy as the kids and I have been.  I’m not certain why that hadn’t come to mind all this time, why I was so certain we were the ones suffering, the ones struggling to find our footing.  All this time he has felt like he’s been in limbo, trapped between worlds and not knowing what to do.  He and I are very different people, he the sort that walks away and ignores the issue…hoping that everything will work itself out without him. I on the other hand, am not so poised and patient.  I rail and flail, vent and screech if I must…I can not abide  waiting for things to work themselves out…as I’m certain I can find the answer…the solution. It’s no surpise this whole ‘happily ever after thing’ didn’t work out as we thought it might. Strangely enough, that’s okay.  We are finally in a place that is honest, authentic and that’s a very good place to be.


The future lies ahead, all bright and full of promise…it’s scary and makes me anxious at times…other times I can hardly wait…if I tell my self enough I’m bound to believe, that I’m the sort of gal that thrives on challenges and has the  interpid heart of an explorer. (I’m watching copious amounts of Dr. Who and Voyager to prepare for diving head first into the if I only had a TARDIS or spade ship).




3 comments on “And Then There Were Three

  • You have the Loving and intrepid heart of Nellie Bly~! and I believe that even without a space ship you might travel the world in 80 days! (((HUGS)))

    I love you…more than words can express! Thanks for just breathing…for being…for everything. xoxoxox

  • How wonderful that you both are in a place of honesty and authenticity with each other. It feels good to read it. It’s funny how we can get so entrapped in our own “stuff”, that we don’t realize that the other person could be as miserable as we are.

    I’m excited for you…it’s not easy being a single mom…Been there, done that, glad they’re on their own now. 🙂 But it’s nothing if not exciting!

    I’ve basically been a single mom for the last decade, the only difference will be a piece of paper and the ability to date. 😉 Thank you for stopping by. xoxoxo

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