There and Back Again

Published April 6, 2012 by missharleyquinn



2 comments on “There and Back Again

  • At times I find it rather amazing how life leads us into circles…”there and back again” as my hobbit friend once said. I’m sure this journey back to Montana will be an interesting paradox, filled with newness and oldness, gladness and sadness.From our chats I can tell you’re embracing this decision as the adventure it is…which is good, there should always be adventures in one’s life. I like the word “exhilaration” because I think of it as defined by equal parts of excitement and fear.Think of this as advancement, redemption, absolution, and exploration all rolled into one. Not sure on the timetable but I’m sure it’s getting close. My advice is to drink in every moment…remember what is most important in life and listen to the silence. The mountains are calling your name and it’s high time you answered them.

    I do miss my mountains…

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