A Rose By Any Other Name…

Published August 21, 2012 by missharleyquinn

Mostly, when we’re born we carry our father’s surname. Traditionally, upon marriage women take their husband’s surnames. Sometimes hyphenated and other times not. In some cases the women keep their father’s names. As I tend to the last little nit noid details of my expired marrital state, I find I want a name to call my own. I am not necessarily my father’s child…truly only by blood alone is what he might claim and just a tiny bit more…I am no longer bound to my wasband…I am the captain of my own ship, according to the IRS head of house hold and am learning to fly by my own wings…I believe this deserves a new name…a name that represents I’ve crossed a threshold into a new part of my life and yet I haven’t a clue as to what it might be. It’s difficult to come up with such things when there’s so much to choose from. I adore the spunk of Amelia Earhart, but should I decide to take her name and make it my own? How about Windsor as I’m rather fond of HRH Elizabeth II? Or make one up, like lushtushicidity? Okay, that’s weird and difficult to say and sounds rather like I’m trying to describe the ass crack aspect of a downtrodden city. Any ideas?


6 comments on “A Rose By Any Other Name…

  • I have a friend who wanted a new last name for reasons of her own too. She choose to open the phone book, with her eyes closed and pick the first name her finger touched. I can’t even pronounce it! Once a name is picked you then have to go through all the legal red tape to change it. She said it was worth it. I’ve often thought about changing my middle name because my father chose to deviate from generations of previously named first borns in my Mom’s family so I am the only generation with the name ‘Page’ in my name. Someday…maybe.

    Good luck with your name journey!

  • well, I sent you an email, but now I am wondering if that may have changed along with everything else in your rebirthing world…
    I always loved the story of the women who after her wasband was gone, and her family was not so much there, she decided to take the name of the city that she adored…
    so..anyplace call to your heart?
    wild hare paris?
    harly St. paul?

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