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The Girls Are Contained

Published September 21, 2012 by missharleyquinn

Ladies, this is a public service announcement…Get a proper bra fitting! Go someplace that is certified to this all important task.  I’ve spent years, I mean years and years thinking I was a 36 C.  Why did I think this? Well, it was a very scientific process; I would go to Target and try bras on until one fit. If I gained weight I’d go up a size and if I lost weight I’d go down a size. Can’t imagine why that made the girls droopy and not the leat bit perky!

Here’s a few words of wisdom:

From Trinny and Susannah:

“Badly dressed breasts will ruin you. They will make you look fat and they will distort the fine lines of tailoring…a well fitted bra is the most important item in your wardrobe”

And from Clinton Kelly:

“Ladies, you must have a professional bra fitting every 2 years! And don’t confuse lingerie with supportive undergarments. The same bra you wear in the bedroom to get your partner’s blood flowing is not the same bra you wear to work.”


Let me tell you how waaaaay off I was on my bra size…turns out I’m a 34 DD!