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The Next Nest Registry

Published September 3, 2012 by missharleyquinn

Ever notice when someone is expecting a child or marriage is on the horizon there is a gift registry? This isn’t one of them and is one of them all at the same time…well, not in the sense that I want to create a list of items I really, really want and then expect all my loved ones to cough up the goodies. Nope. This is about a wishlist for my next nest and my hopes for it. I’m going to create a page, a place where I can post what I find and add as I go along in this odd transitional time. There will be some ground rules, things aren’t going to be as they were when I first stepped out on my own.

1. I will do everything I can to not buy new.  There may be some things that are better purchased new, but I’m going to really contemplate those.

2.  I would like to avoid appliances whenever possible. Whisks over an electric mixer or coffee press instead of a coffee maker, that sort of thing.

3.  I shall keep it as simple as possible. There’s just no need for me to have a tortilla maker or a microwave or cake pop maker.

4.  I want to buy American as much as possible.