Knitted Cowl

Published May 5, 2008 by missharleyquinn

(Modeled by Imp2)

I have found that I’m more comfortable knitting with straight needles than circular needles, the circular variety feel awkward in my hands and stitchs seem to slide off on a whim of their own.  But (really big, long drawn out but), there are so many beautiful things to create with circular needles that I’ve decided to try some easy projects to get used to the feel of the needles.  This cowl  was a complete pain to cast on and I must admit I cheated… I cast on to straight needles and then transferred them to the circular set.  The pattern is from “Very Easy Circular Knits’, by Betty Barnden and so far the book has been true to the title…then again I’ve only finished the first project in the book!  🙂


2 comments on “Knitted Cowl

  • Lord that is a impish grin! that child has fun written all over those freckles!
    Love the cowl, had a deep forest green one as a kid growing up, happy memories! and is it really wrong to improvise?
    I mean if you did it , made it and like it, who cares what needles you used…?
    or am I crazy here?

    Not crazy at all…I just feel that if I’m ever going to get used to circular needles, I should attempt to use them from beginning to end!

  • She is so cute and I love the cowl. You could market these here where the winter is cold. They would look smashing with our coats.

    Thanks for the kind words. Sadly, it snowed here last night, so we still have a use for such items!

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